(1) Pet-friendly Event Posting

199/per package

MyPetsProfile™ is a subscription-based, community social platform for pet parents. We don’t sell advertising pop-ups.
Our community promotes private and public platform communications between pet parent members, and local and national pet-friendly housing, products, services, venues and events.

The MyPetsProfile™ community gives businesses the opportunity to communicate directly with pet parents, and present a compelling solution for their pet(s) needs, as viewed by them.
Let them know the pet-friendly benefits your event offers, and how to attend. Kick-start a loyal pet-friendly community following, with the MPP platform tools to grow your event.
Please note: The sale of pet(s) on MPP Platform is strictly prohibited.


This Event package is for: Local and National Pet-friendly Events

  • Get MyPetsProfile™ Customer Communications Portal
  • Easily link to existing web/software and social platforms
  • Invite new and existing customers to your pet-friendly event
  • Review customers MyPetsProfile™
  • Add Event features, contact info, mapping and social platforms
  • Add Event profile, group discussions, forums and more…
  • List pet amenities and pet policies
  • Set private or public customer communications
  • Send private or public messages, notices and more…
  • Add and promote photos, videos and more…
  • Add value with forums, blogs, discussions and posts
  • Give concierge-like access and communications