Animal Shelters

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We thank registered Animal Shelters, Humane Societies and SPCA locations for all they do for pets and pet parents in our communities.

We welcome all registered Animal Shelters, Humane Societies and SPCA’s are free to publish their locations, services and “animals for adoption” on MyPetsProfile™ at no cost.

We’re proudly pro-pet adoption and made it simple and convenient to add “Animals for Adoption” for each registered shelter location. (including an easy process for adding individual animals or upload multiple animals for adoption via CSV).

Additionally, MyPetsProfile™ conveniently added an “International Platform Search” of all “animals for adoption”. Users can easily search and identify the desired animal for adoption and where the shelter of each animal is located. Users can contact the shelter directly.

A bookings component for each location is available as well.  The bookings system, managed by the shelter, allows users to make an appointment to visit the shelter to view animals for adoption.

Also, the MyPetsAlert system provides immediate platform notifications of a lost pet, using the updated MyPetsProfile. The built-in MyPetsFinder search system easily identifies “found” pets using any Pet ID and characteristic updated in the network.

Its these features and more that make MyPetsProfile™ the most comprehensive and powerful Pet Mobile App and Web available.

Please note: *Pet adoptions are welcome. **The sale of pet(s) on the MPP Platform is strictly prohibited on the MyPetsProfile™ platform.

We hope you enjoy.

The MyPetsProfile™ Team



The Communications Portal is free to registered Animal Shelters, Humane Societies and SPCA’s

  • Get MyPetsProfile™ Resident Communications Portal
  • Easily link to existing web/software and social platforms
  • Easily add “Animals for Adoption” per shelter location
  • The Global search of “Animals for Adoption” are by type and locations
  • Add “bookings” component and manage visits and appointments
  • Use the “MyPetsAlert” and “MyPetsFinder” search systems for lost and found pets
  • Invite new and existing customers to Animal Shelter locations
  • Review members MyPetsProfile™
  • Add Animal Shelter features, contact info, mapping and social platforms
  • Add profile, group discussions, forums and more…
  • List pet amenities and pet policies
  • Set private or public customer communications
  • Send private or public messages, notices and more…
  • Add and promote photos, videos, events and more..
  • Add value with forums, blogs, discussions and posts
  • Give concierge-like access and communications