Pet-friendly Apartment Rentals

$199 +Tax / year

MyPetsProfile™ is designed to help pet parents secure pet-friendly housing. A sometimes difficult task without a documented pet profile, history and photos.

Resident referrals are the best. Our Community Platform includes the ‘MPP Spokesperson Chat’ for Apartment Rentals. Let existing pet-residents promote your pet-friendly community.

Apartment communities can now promote their pet-friendly community, pet amenities, benefits and policies to potential tenants with pets.

Property managers can simply review and evaluate each applicant’s MyPetsProfile™ to ensure the pet and parent meets the community’s requirements. (Every type of pet characteristic is included and searchable; photos, health records, vaccines, medications, references, vets, walkers, sitters, emergency contacts and more…)

MyPetsProfile™ also have a “Pet Rules” section to be completed by pet parents as well. Each pet parent understands and acknowledges the community pet rules and their responsibility as a resident with pet(s).

It’s all at your fingertips…Web, Mobile or App access.

Property managers can quickly search, find and communicate directly on the MPP platform with all community pet parents privately or publicly.

Make your pet-friendly community simple to manage. Kick-start a loyal pet-friendly community, with the MyPetsProfile™ platform tools to grow and manage your community.

Please note: The sale of pet(s) on MPP Platform is strictly prohibited.



This Biz package is for: Pet-friendly Apartment Buildings

  • Get MyPetsProfile™ Pet-Resident Communications Portal
  • Get ‘MPP Spokesperson Chat’ Pet-resident Chat & Referral Program
  • Easily link to existing web/software and social platforms
  • Invite new and existing residents to your pet-friendly Community
  • Review applicants MyPetsProfile™
  • Set private or public resident communications
  • Give residents access to e-learning Pet training tips
  • Residents access MyPetsAlert’ and MyPetsFinder’ for lost n found
  • Residents collect MPP Points for using MPP Biz and Services
  • Add community features, contact info, mapping and social platforms
  • Add and promote photos, videos, events and more..
  • Add community profile, group discussions, forums and more…
  • Promote pet amenities and pet policies
  • Send private or public messages, notices and more…
  • Give concierge-like access and communications