Pet-friendly Hotels

$99 +Tax / year

MyPetsProfile™ Community Platform promotes private and public communications between pet parents, local and national, pet-friendly housing, pet products, services, venues and events.

Pet-friendly Hotel locations are a hot topic among pet parents. Pet-friendly Hotels can now promote their pet-friendly amenities, benefits and pet policies directly to potential guests.

The real benefits for Pet-friendly Hotels are the ability to streamline the pet on-boarding process and accept reservations quickly.

Now hotel staff can simply review and evaluate each guests MyPetsProfile™ to ensure the pet and parent meets the hotels requirements. (Every type of pet characteristic is included and searchable; photos, health records, vaccines, medications, references, vets, walkers, sitters, emergency contacts and more…)

It’s all at your fingertips…Web, mobile or App access.

MyPetsProfile™ have a “Pet Rules” section to be completed by pet parents as well. Each pet parent understands and acknowledges the hotels pet rules and policies, and their responsibility as a guest with pet(s).

Hotel staff can quickly search, find and communicate directly on the platform with all hotel pet parent guests privately or publicly.

Make your pet-friendly hotel simple to manage. Kick-start a loyal pet-friendly hotel experience, with the MyPetsProfile™ platform tools to grow and manage your hotel business.

Please note: The sale of pet(s) on MPP Platform is strictly prohibited.



This Biz package is for: Pet-friendly Hotels

  • Get MyPetsProfile™ Guest Communications Portal
  • Easily link to existing web/software and social platforms
  • Invite new and existing customers to your pet-friendly Hotel
  • Review guests MyPetsProfile™
  • Add Hotel features, contact info, mapping and social platforms
  • Add Hotel profile, group discussions, forums and more…
  • List pet amenities and pet policies
  • Set private or public guest communications
  • Send private or public messages, notices and more…
  • Add and promote photos, videos, events and more..
  • Add value with forums, blogs, discussions and posts
  • Give concierge-like access and communications


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