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Referral-based Chat Module

Reviews and ratings are old news. 

Prospects want to chat with an existing live customer. Not a sales person or an AI bot!

Existing customers are your best asset. 

PetChatR™ provides businesses the platform to connect existing customers with prospects. It allows potential customers to chat live with and existing customer that lives, works or used your services.

Easily approve, track and incentivize current customers for contributed new sales, while monitoring most asked questions and gain valuable marketing insight.

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About MyPetsProfile™ and PetChatR™

MyPetsProfile™ is designed to help pet parents find Pet-friendly housing. A challenge for most.

PetChatR™ is a ‘live chat’ module within MPP, attached to each MPP community listing. 

It allows prospects to get answers to pet-related questions about the community that mean most to them – right from current pet-residents.

As PetChatR™ formed, we realized the module could help all of our MPP listed pet-friendly businesses and expanded.

Give "Referral Dollars" to approved pet-resident 'spokespersons'.

“Hi – Can you tell me more about this pet-friendly apartment community”?

Whether we’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment, a pet spa or a pet-friendly patio to enjoy with our pets; we want to speak with a pet parent who lives there or has experienced the service.

Share your referral programs with existing pet-residents or create one. Sign-up for PetChatR™ and watch your vacancies fill quickly.

It’s easy – and it’s saves on advertising and turn-over costs.

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Incentivize your existing pet-residents and grow.

You're in control, with loads of features.

Curate Apartment or Biz listings
Add "MPP Spokespersons"
Add Pet-friendly Services and Events
Meet local pet parents
Offer "Referral Rewards"
Unlimited Platform Search
Review pet profiles & photos
Access resident pet health info
Access resident pet emergency and contact info
Search pet network
Create and join pet groups, forums and discussions
Msg privately or in a group
Download signed pet rules
Add PooPrints™
We love pet photos and videos

MyPetsProfile™ Mobile Apps

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