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It's a #PetsWelcome Phenomenon

23 million families added pets to their homes over the last two years. ref: Mars Petcare

72% of renters have pets, yet finding and keeping rental housing is a leading reason dogs and cats wind up in Shelters. ref: The Humane Society

A 2021 study by NAR (National Association of Realtors) found that 43% of people would be willing to move to better accommodate their pets. 

65% of pet parents plan to travel this summer 2022. ref: Hilton hotels 

48% of dog owners are willing to leave their current job for a more pet-friendly employer. ref:

“Backyard rentals are becoming the new private dog park” says The New York Times.

There’s so many pet-tastic things available with a MyPetsProfile™.

Unlock doors previously closed

MPP Points and Rewards

Earn points and rewards when you visit participating MPP business and service friends.

Support pet-friendly businesses and services in your neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a pet spa or a pet-friendly patio to enjoy with your pet; MPP Business and Service Friends are #petswelcome.Simply scan the business’ MPP QR Code, or they can scan your personal MPP QR Code right from your smart phone.Points are captured immediately and found in your “Points and Rewards” section of the App.

MPP Business and Service Friends

Pet-friendly is In-demand.

Expand your business to pet parents. Create an MPP Biz Portal and start building a loyal customer base.

Whether your business, service or event is local or national in scope, pet parents want to know that their “pets are welcome”. 

Start opening your doors to pets, and grow your business. Communicate directly with valued local pet parents in your community, and watch your loyal customer base flourish.

  1. Choose a suitable biz plan
  2. Complete Biz’ and Group’ Profiles
  3. Start communicating with neighborhood pet parents

Public Pet Services

Community Pet Services

Pet-friendly Social and Food Venues

Pet Health and Wellness Businesses

Pet Products and Accessories

Pet-friendly Transportation

Pet-friendly Travel and Tourism

Additional Pet-friendly Services

Pet-friendly Workplaces

Our Pet-inclusive workplace’ platform is ready.

Workplace Wellness is Better With Pets. Research has shown that having pets in the office improves collaboration, productivity, and alleviates stress. ref: habri – human animal bond research institute

We’re pleased to begin with two categories to list and search pet-friendly workplaces and roles. 1) Bring your pet to work 2) Working with pets. 

Start exploring a lifestyle where you and your pet can grow together.

Pet Training Portal / e-learning Platform

Our e-learning platform is ready with the help of Award Winning Toronto-Area Dog Trainer – Andrea Dinan of We thank Andrea and team for their wealth of knowledge and expertise, and providing our e-learning platform a sample of what’s yet to come. (Note: Updated format and content coming soon.)

You're in control, with loads of features.

Private or public MyPetsProfile™
We love pet photos and videos
Find Local Pet-friendly Biz'
Find Pet-friendly Services and Events
Meet neighboring pet friends
Unlimited Platform Search
Find similar breeds
Store pet health info
Store emergency ID and contact info
Download Profile and Share
Earn commissions, points, cash and prizes
Use MyPetsFinder for Lost n Found Pets
Create and join pet groups, forums and discussions
Msg privately or in a group

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Workplaces (pet-inclusive)

Offer Ends Sept 1, 2022
$ 19
  • Promote pet-inclusive roles
  • Two types of listings
  • 1) Bring your pet to work
  • 2) Working with pets

MPP Business Plan

Offer Ends Sept 1, 2022
$ 99
  • #PetsWelcome
  • Invite local Pet Parents
  • Communicate Directly
  • Promote Pet Amenities

Backyard Dog Park Rentals

Offer Ends Sept 1, 2022
$ 99
  • Earn extra money renting your private backyard to local pet parents
  • Invite local Pet Parents
  • Communicate Directly

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