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MyPetsProfile™ is a social, location-based app created by pet-lovers for pet-lovers like you. Download it now. It's quick and easy.

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Why download the App?
It's Free and...
Check out the unique pet features:

Service Pet Apartment Rentals

Pet-friendly Apartments

Over 1500+ pet-friendly rental listings. 

Service PetChat   Referrals

PetChatR™ and Referrals

Chat directly with current pet-residents and customers.

Service pet friendly places

Pet-Friendly Businesses

12,000+ Pet-friendly business listings.

Service Pets Services

Pet Services

36 pet-friendly product and service categories to choose. 

Service Pets for Adoption

Pets For Adoption

Search pets for adoption, and connect directly with Animal Shelters.

Service Lost and Found Pets

Lost and Found Pets?

Use MyPetAlert’ for lost pets or search the network for a found pet.

Register your MyPetsProfile™ and discover a whole new world for pet parents.

Register your pet(s), add photos, videos, attributes, training and more...

Discover new pet-friendly apartment rentals, businesses and places to take your pet.

Meet, chat and share with like-minded pet parents in your neighborhood.

Receive reminder alerts for your pets' medication, vet appointments and more...

Earn points and rewards using our QR Scan system - right from your phone.

Share your pets' info with other users, pet-friendly apartment rental applications, pet-friendly hotels, pet stores and pet-friendly businesses.

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What to expect from the
MyPetsProfile™ App:

Searching for a Pet-friendly home?
MPP listings are all pet-friendly!

Are you looking for the best pet services in your area?
Find everything you need and chat' with current customers.

Need help with pet training?
Visit our e-learning module for online pet programs (more content on its way) or find the best obedience training specialists.

Want to bring your pet to work?
Find job openings in pet-friendly workplaces.

Is your pet lost? Did you find a pet?
Not to worry, MyPetAlert' can help you. Submit an alert or search by pet descriptions near you.

Want to make extra money?
PetChatR™ allows you to represent pet-friendly businesses. Just a chat away!

Looking for a pet-friendly workplace?

Our Pet-inclusive workplace’ platform is ready and free for pet parents.

We’re pleased to begin with two categories to list and search pet-friendly workplaces and roles. 

1) Bringing your pet to work. 

2) Working with pets. 

Start exploring a lifestyle where you and your pet can grow together.

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Workplace Wellness is Better With Pets. Research has shown that having pets in the office improves collaboration, productivity, and alleviates stress. ref: habri

Human animal bond research institute

Pet Training Portal / e-learning Platform

Good news! Our pet e-learning platform is ready and free for pet parents. With the help of Award Winning Toronto-Area Dog Trainer – Andrea Dinan of CityDogs.ca. We thank Andrea and team for their wealth of knowledge and expertise, and providing our e-learning platform a sample of what’s yet to come.(Note: Updated format and content coming soon.)

Do you offer pet services or welcome pets?​

Don’t wait to download and register a business on the MyPetsProfile™ mobile platform.

Pet-friendly businesses can enjoy our free trials. Check it out right now!

Get PetChatR™ about your pet-friendly apartment or business.

Do you want your business to skyrocket?
PetChatR™ can help. Get current pet-residents and customers to chat on your behalf.

Do you have a referral program for current customers?
Current residents and clients are your best asset.

Get referrals with PetChatR™.
Use your existing referral program or create one.

Offer outstanding deals for pet parents using our QR code points system. Each member and business have a QR code, right on their phone.

36 pet-friendly business categories.
Just select a pet-friendly category that best describes your business and go.

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