MyPetsProfile™ Connecting Pet Parent Neighborhoods

Connect with neighborhood pet parents, pet services and places to bring your pet.

MyPetsProfile™ is a neighborhood communications platform specifically for pet parents looking for local pet products and services; and places to go with their pets.

Searching for a pet-friendly rental? Or…want to know if your pet is welcome to a hotel, restaurant, patio, park or event?

Now you can connect directly with the establishment or venue and share your MyPetsProfile™ if needed.

MyPetsProfile™ securely stores all of your pet(s) information so you can share online when needed. You can determine what characteristics you’d like private or public, and make searchable if your pet is lost or found. 

There’s so much more…

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Pet-friendly communities can now connect with pet parents.

Let local pet parents know they’re welcome. Whether your business, service, venue or event is local or national in scope, pet parents want to know that you “welcome pets”. 

Start opening your doors to pets, and communicate directly with valued local pet parents in your community, and watch your loyal customer base grow.

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You're in control, with loads of features.

Private or public MyPetsProfile™
We love pet photos and videos
Find Local Pet-friendly Biz'
Find Pet-friendly Services and Events
Meet neighboring pet friends
Unlimited Platform Search
Find similar breeds
Store pet health info
Store emergency ID and contact info
Download Profile and Share
Earn commissions, points, cash and prizes
Use MyPetsFinder for Lost n Found Pets
Create and join pet groups, forums and discussions
Msg privately or in a group

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