Hello pet-friendly neighbors. How can we help?

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Getting started

Create an account, verify your address and set up your profile.

member getting started

Guidelines & policies

Review our guidelines so you can help create a neighborly community.

Top items

By adjusting your notification settings you can choose to receive updates on specific types of posts and activity that you want to be notified. You can also review your activity on MyPetsWelcome.

If you authored a post, you can close a discussion (“disable replies”) to prevent further comments from neighbors. This can be useful in instances where comments have gone off-topic. 

Use privacy settings to control who can see your information. These settings allow you to customize the visibility of your name, pet profile photo, and full information. Each section and field allows you to determine ‘who can view’.

We’ve created a safe place for pet-friendly neighbors to meet and communicate. Any suspicious or unwanted activity will be removed from the platform as per guidelines.

  • Never give personal or financial information. (bank accounts, credit cards or SSN)
  • Do not click on suspicious links
  • Block and report suspicious or unlawful activity.

What’s permitted


  • Selling and giving away personal items.
  • Selling homemade goods.
  • Offering free or paid casual services (e.g. petsitting, dog walking) in the Neighbor Services category.
  • Individual owners listing their own property for rent or sale.
  • Pet adoption or re-homing (selling of Animals on MyPetsWelcome is strictly prohibited).

  Not permitted:

  • Posting items for free or for sale outside of For Sale and Free. As it is not currently possible to move a post into the For Sale and Free category, if you post items outside of this category, you may be reported and your posts may be removed.
  • Listing items that you are selling for a business, including resellers, and commercial consignment and estate sellers. 
  • Listing items as part of an incentive sales program, for example, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Amway, Avon, Scentsy, etc.
  • Realtors listing properties for sale, rent, or lease.
  • Listing gift cards
  • Posting “personal ads” to use MyPetsWelcome as a dating service
  • Listing the same item or service more than once at the same time.
  • Deleting and then reposting a listing in order to increase its visibility (Note: Reposting a listing is allowed once the previous listing has expired)
  • Over-posting listings in a way that prevents other neighbors from getting fair visibility for their listings
  • Posting links to items on other classified sites.
  • Selling, offering, or trading items on our list of prohibited goods and services.
  • Price gouging. Charging an unreasonably high price for essential consumer goods and services during an emergency or disaster.

See the full list of prohibited goods and services.

Our policies on illegal or regulated goods and over-posting also apply to For Sale and Free.

To start connecting with pet-friendly neighbors on MyPetsWelcome, you’ll need to verify the address you used to create your account.

You can join and verify in a neighborhood if you:

  • rent or own a home,
  • own a second home,
  • own property where you are planning to build a home, or
  • own a rental property in the neighborhood.

Phone number

To verify your account, your mobile phone plan’s billing address must match the address you used to join MyPetsWelcome. We will send a SMS code that must be entered as instructed below: 

  1. Visit https://mypetsprofile.com/verify
  2. Select Verify by phone. 
  3. Choose the correct country code. Then enter your mobile phone number.
  4. Click Text Me A Code.
  5. You will receive a SMS code to the phone number you submitted. Enter this code on screen.
  6. Click Submit.



When you choose to verify using your location, the location of your computer is used to verify your account. When you’re at home, we will try to verify your account so you can access your MyPetsWelcome community. If you’re not at home when you register, we will ask you to verify your account another time when you are at home. We might partner with trusted vendors to confirm your location: 

  1. Visit the account verification page.
  2. If verification by geo-location is available in your area, you will be prompted to allow your browser to access your location.
  3. Click Allow location access.
  4. If we can’t confirm your account using your location, you will be shown our other confirmation options.

Can’t verify?

If neither of the methods above worked for you, you can verify your address by sending us a copy or photo of one of the following accepted documents via Hello@MyPetsWelcome.com

  • Valid, government issued ID –  e.g., drivers license (must not be expired)
  • Deed or rental agreement
  • Utility bill
  • Letter or statement from a government agency, bank, financial institution, or authorized insurer.
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Community Guidelines

On MyPetsWelcome, you’re connected by a shared preference and place — your pet-friendly neighborhood. Let’s build a stronger one together.
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