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'What's the Scoop'?
Streamline your pet approval process.

Pet-friendly communities fill vacancies! Pet Parents continue to outperform the average loyal customer, which means higher retention and revenue. 

Why MyPetsProfile™?
Unlimited Community Benefits

Pet Profile Review

Quickly and easily verify every pet and animal request. MyPetsProfile™ captures pet photos, breed, size, vaccinations and more...

Increase Pet Revenue

Streamline your pet validation process and identify responsible pet parents. This means less hassle, more time for property staff, and increasing top-line and bottom-line pet revenue and growth.

Pet Community Preparation

Knowing what pets are coming to your community helps community staff prepare and welcome incoming pet residents with style and ease.

Pet Resident Communication

Community managers and staff have instant access to every pet profile. Easily search and identify a pet on the loose, send private and public messages specifically to pet residents and more...

Register with Community

Web & App Platform Services

Give your pet-friendly community the tools to grow and prosper. Empower property managers and staff to deliver unparalleled resident experience.

Community Listing

Let responsible pet parents find you. Each MPP Community receives a complete searchable listing. Add community description, assets, photos, amenities, suites/units available and more...

PetChatR™ Referrals

Resident referrals are the absolute best. Referrals are cost effective and support your existing resident community.
Learn more about the PetChatR™ below.

Lost & Found Pet Services

Its tragic when a loved one is lost. MyPetAlert™ is designed to easily deliver a network pet profile notification, and quickly identify any lost or found pet.

Secure Platform

We're powered and secured by AWS and you're in control. Pet parents choose whether their pet profile is private or public. Messaging is private or public.  

"Referral Dollars" for verified pet resident 'spokespeople'.

“Hi – Can you tell me more about this pet-friendly apartment community”?

Whether we’re looking for pet food, a pet-friendly apartment, a pet spa, or a pet-friendly patio to enjoy with our pets; we want to speak with a pet parent who lives there or has first-hand experience with the community.

Share your referral programs with current pet residents or create one. Then sign-up for PetChatR™ and watch your vacancies filling quickly.

It’s easy peasy! Save on advertising and turn-over costs.

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Incentivize your existing pet-residents and grow.

Remove pet & breed restrictions in your community and up your NOI.

Scale your resident pool from 35% to 70% with confidence and ease.

PooPrints™ is the reliable and tested choice for
pet-friendly communities.

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7000+ Pet-friendly communities and growing.

Reduce restrictions on the number of pets, size and breed with confidence.

PooPrints Dog DNA registration is the cost-effective way to grow your community's pet population while maintaining a clean, healthy environment.

Eliminating the fear of being caught and identified is the answer to creating a responsible pet-centric culture.

A PooPrints™ account is free.
Pet residents pay the one-time cost of DNA kits.

You're in control, with loads of features at your disposal.

Curate Apartment or Biz listings
Add "MPP Spokespeople"
Add Pet-friendly Services and Events
We love pet photos and videos
Meet local pet parents
Offer "Referral Rewards"
Unlimited Platform Search
Review pet profiles & photos
Access resident pet health info
Access resident pet emergency and contact info
Search pet network
Create and join pet groups, forums, and discussions
Msg privately or in a group
Download signed pet rules
Add PooPrints™

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