Personalized Ads and Privacy Controls

About Personalized Ads

We want to make your MyPetsWelcome experience as useful and enjoyable as possible. With personalized ads, we’ll show you ads that are more relevant and interesting.

Some of the ads you’ll see are personalized based on your activity on the MyPetsWelcome site and app. Other ads are personalized based on your activity elsewhere. 

Here are a few examples of how personalized ads can work:

If you search for a dog walker on MyPetsWelcome, you might then see ads for dog food or leashes.

A local bicycle shop may want to advertise a sale to MyPetsWelcome members who are also subscribed to the shop’s newsletter. The shop could provide an encrypted, or hashed, list of subscribers’ email addresses to us, and we could match that to the encrypted emails of our members to show them personalized ads about the bicycle sale.

If you were to visit a furniture website, you may see ads for furniture on MyPetsWelcome or other websites we’ve partnered with.

Your Privacy Options

You can control the ability for MyPetsWelcome to serve personalized ads based on off MyPetsWelcome activity by turning off the “Allow Tracking” settings on your mobile device (either through the specific setting for MyPetsWelcome or by disabling it for all apps through your mobile device’s privacy settings) and/or by opting out of the “cookies” set by our advertising partners. You can also see a full list of our advertising partners and information on how to opt out of their cookies in the “Third Party Cookies” section of our Cookie Policy.

Please remember that opting out of cookies and off-MyPetsWelcome data for personalized ads doesn’t mean you won’t see ads, it just means you’ll see less relevant ones.

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