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Your community prides themselves in being a “Pet-friendly” environment. 

They proudly enjoy canine pets in approximately 35% of their units; and hope to continue this trend. They understand that pet waste and urine accidents happen in pet-friendly buildings. It’s just a fact!

The PooPrints™ pet program requires pet parents to clean-up after their pet(s) anywhere in, and around the property.

This is for the health, well-being and enjoyment of all residents. Unfortunately, not everyone is picking up.


The Community Pet Registration and Pet Rules (the"Pet Rules")

To ensure the health, well-being and consideration of all residents. The Pet Rules for your community requires that all pet parents and/or occupants register their canine pet(s) with community management; and to administer a DNA swab of their pet, utilizing the PooPrints™ DNA cheek swab kit supplied by management.

Registering your Dog(s) DNA with the community, is your promise and commitment to clean-up after your pet(s). Re: Incl. waste and urine; in and around the building, including carpets and balconies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your pet has an accident that is difficult to clean or stained; do your best, and immediately notify management so they can help.  Management and staff would prefer to clean properly before it’s discovered by another pet or resident.

PLEASE NOTE: Pet Waste is not a fertilizer! It carries harmful bacteria and parasites. Children under 12, and other pets are particularly susceptible to these harmful diseases. For more information please visit:


It's simple to register for PooPrints™

Steps 1: Select the name of your building or community from the below dropdown menu and click the “Register with PooPrints” button. 

Steps 2: Fill-out the information on the form for each canine pet. 

Steps 3: Purchase a PooPrints Dog DNA Kit below after registration. 

Note: Your DNA kit will be shipped to your community manger. They will arrange a time to meet with you and your pet for cheek swabbing. (it takes 5 minutes)

If you do not see your community listed, send us an email to:

Register with Pet-friendly Housing

Removing pet & breed restrictions provides more homes for residents with pets.

PooPrints™ is the reliable and tested choice for expanding pet-friendly communities.

7000+ Pet-friendly communities and growing.

Reduce restrictions on the number of pets, size and breed with confidence.

PooPrints Dog DNA registration is the cost-effective way to grow your community's pet population while maintaining a clean, healthy environment.

Eliminating the fear of being caught and identified is the answer to creating a responsible pet-centric culture.

A PooPrints™ account is free.
Pet residents pay the one-time cost of DNA kits.

"Referral Dollars" for current pet resident 'spokespeople'.

“Hi – Can you tell me more about this pet-friendly apartment community”?

Whether we’re looking for pet food, a pet-friendly apartment, a pet spa, or a pet-friendly patio to enjoy with our pets; we want to speak with a pet parent who lives there or has first-hand experience with the community.

Ask your property manager if they have a Resident Referral Program.

Apartment communities can share their referral programs with current pet residents or create one. 

It’s easy peasy! 

Incentivize existing pet residents and grow.

You're in control, with loads of features at your disposal.

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