How to properly re-home a pet on MyPetsWelcome

Please Note: MyPetsWelcome strictly prohibits the sale of animals on any and all areas of the platform. 

However, there are many reasons a family may need to rehome their animal, e.g. loss of a job or home, difficulty finding a pet-friendly home, pet restrictions for a new home, a long term illness or injury etc. 

Re-homing fees allow neighbors to find safe and loving homes for their pets, while also helping them recoup costs for things like food, vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and other veterinary care. 

Re-homing fees are modest, around $25. If you’re requesting a larger fee than $25, please include the particular costs you’re trying to cover so that the post is not perceived by neighbors as a pet for sale.

We do reserve the right to immediately remove your post and possibly your profile, if you are discovered to be selling animals on the MyPetsWelcome platform.

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