List of prohibited good and services

When offering or seeking goods or services on MyPetsWelcome, make sure that you’re complying with local laws and not engaging in illegal transactions. Posts may not include unrealistic or exaggerated claims, and must accurately depict the product or service being offered. Additionally, we ask that you help keep MyPetsWelcome a safe and trustworthy place by not participating in certain business practices, or listing the items below for purchase, trade, sale or distribution. See the full For Sale & Free Guidelines

Note: The sale of Animals is strictly prohibited on MyPetsWelcome Platform:

  • Live animal sales (re-homing pets with a small fee is allowed)
  • Stud services

Drugs and alcohol:

  • Alcohol, including homebrews
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Marijuana and CBD
  • Prescription drugs and prescription medical devices
  • Tobacco
  • Other controlled substances


  • Payday and/or high-interest loans 
  • Speculative financial products or investments
  • Franchising, investment, direct sales, or multi-level marketing financial opportunities
  • Listings for discounts or free items as part of a referral program 


  • Lottery tickets or sweepstakes entries
  • Slot machines
  • Wagering services

Government-issued items:

  • Food stamps or other items obtained through government assistance
  • Government-issued documents, licenses, and identification

Recalled or regulated goods:

  • Products recalled by a manufacturer or government agency (please see additional information on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website)
  • Products where the sale of the product is prohibited by local law or regulation
  • Products that pose a health or safety hazard as specified by any government agency

Sexual content:

  • Adult toys or products
  • Pornography
  • Prostitution or escort services

Weapons and ammunition:

  • Firearms, firearm components, and firearm accessories
  • Airsoft, BB/pellet guns
  • Pepper spray, chemical weapons
  • Non-culinary knives
  • Ammunition or cartridges for any of the above items

This list is not comprehensive. We reserve the right to remove posts about other items or services that we believe are illegal, fraudulent, or harmful to the community. 

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